The FWO-funded Scientific Research Network ‘Texts ≈ Buildings: Dissecting Transpositions in Architectural Knowledge (1880-1980)’ hosts the international conference ‘Architecture and Bureaucracy: Entangled Sites of Knowledge Production and Exchange’, to be held in Brussels on 30-31 October 2019.

Often experienced by architects as a site of imposition and control, the bureaucracy associated with the production of the built environment can alternatively be seen as one of knowledge exchange. It is and has been a unique forum for the expression and discussion of ideas originating in disparate fields. Principles and concerns particular to architecture, interior design, urban design, engineering, construction sciences and technology, meet and met topical issues in sociology and economy, law and politics, administration, management and government sciences and the ethics of public and private interests. These encounters significantly contribute to the production of architectural thought and to the materialisation of abstract concepts. The conference ‘Architecture and Bureaucracy’ intends to test such premises.

Abstracts of max. 500 words accompanied by a one-page CV are to be submitted via e-mail to by 30 April 2019.